Creative Reactions

I'm participating in the Pint of Science Creative Reactions this year. My work is displayed at the Creative Reactions Exhibition in Cambridge at the moment.  I've got paired up with Dr Doug Wilson at the Environment Agency and my creative reaction is based on his talk "Living with the extremes - What can we learn from recent flooding?"

Flooding is likely one of the earliest and most severe signs of climate change. How do we prepare for the future? Looking into the topic I was surprised to discover the extent of the emotional impact flooding can have, in particularly on children, and how long the recovery process can be with feelings of uncertainty, loss and displacement. I've also learnt that children's perspectives mostly are overlooked during natural disasters, often viewed either as passive victims or as naturally resilient. Instead we can recognise their experience and view them as active agencies in the recovery process of the community. Listening to and taking actions on their experiences can help build resilience in the community.

Here is a link to research done on the topic by Lancaster University

Line Work

I've been trying to work out how to colour sketches in photoshop, and removing the colour of the paper without loosing the quality of the line. I'm starting to figure it out. I've been having fun colouring in these sketchbook birds.

I've also tested a few images using linework/shape. This one below is  from my most recent story April Fools, I plan to use linework in this project.

Here is a combination of shape and line. It's a concept image for my book The Bug Banquet.

New Stories

I'm working on new stories for my final project. This one is about House Trolls training for a house troll exam. Some character developement sketches below.

The Macmillan Prize for Illustration

Really happy to say I won joint third prize in The Macmillan Prize for Illustration this year. It's for my book City Break! :D